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Nanjing, the ancient capital, will usher in the Ninth Asian outdoor products exhibition in July
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The 2014 (ninth) Asian outdoor products exhibition will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center on 23-26 July. This year, the number of exhibitors will reach 613, of which 195 are international exhibitors, accounting for 31.8% of the total exhibitors. The four day extension is open only to professional audiences.

Sino German cooperation, after nine years, the world's top three

Asia Outdoor is a Sino German cooperation project is aimed at the professional exhibition exhibition, Asia Outdoor market started, the exhibition has received strong support from the Nanjing municipal government and the German government Feideliesihafenshi. The exhibition continues the European exhibition concept, combined with the actual situation in the Asian market, innovation and development cooperation activities, provide high-quality platform for exhibition and exchange clients in the region. Thanks to the China outdoor market the rapid development in recent years, Asia Outdoor has now in the number of exhibitors on the exhibition scale and become the second European outdoor in Salt Lake City and the United States the world's third largest professional outdoor outdoor exhibition.

Market rationality, new and old brands exhibitors boost industry confidence

Over the past two years, China's outdoor market downturn, brand competition intensified, the growth rate of retail terminals exceeded the market demand, outdoor supplies electricity supplier channel sales also increased rapidly. In 2014, China's outdoor market situation improved, and slowly began to return to normal. As the vane of China's outdoor industry, the Asian outdoor exhibition attracted 613 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition this year, which will lead the development trend of the industry.

This year, toread, KAILAS, Northland, mobigarden, Doctor, The North, Le Face, Lowa, Vaude, Meindl and other domestic and foreign brands will continue to exhibitors, and many international professional outdoor brands will also debut, such as GORE-TEX, Mountain Hardwear, Asics, Columbia, ONE WAY, Salomon, Odlo, Millet etc. and bring all the latest series of products. Among them, GORE-TEX will release new product technology on the spot.

New highlights activity 1: running zone

In view of the rapid growth of the running market, the Asian outdoor exhibition will be on the spot ad hoc running area, focus on professional running supplies, build an effective and direct communication bridge for the industry. Asics, Columbia, Odlo, ONE, WAY, Salomon, Skins, SUUNTO, Tecnica, The, North Face and other brands will showcase the latest products in the running running area of booth, Adidas, GARMIN, OAKLEY, Osprey and other brands will show a single spot running products. Spanish brand BH will also provide treadmills for spectator testing. At the same time, the exhibition will organize China's running industry forum and related lectures. Yan Wei, an expert in the running industry, will assist in the coordination of running activities on the spot.

In addition, the evening of July 25th in Nanjing Zijin Mountain to carry out the "northland Cup" fluorescence run will let you experience a cross-country run out of the ordinary. Organized by the Asia Outdoor and outdoor Sanfo jointly organized, Northland brand sponsorship, this year is expected to have more than 1000 people involved (refer to 2013: the number of participants is about 300 people).

Add highlights activity two: aquatic supplies area

Canoeing is a traditional and important sport in outdoor sports. It is understood that at present, China's aquatic sports market is developing very rapidly, the participation crowd is gradually expanding. Asia Outdoor 2014 first insight into industry trends, will be officially launched on water supplies in the area, display area water supplies at the same time, to carry out the interactive activities of different themes, including performances and canoeing experience, water sports industry forum, and combined with domestic famous diving training center in Guangzhou's diving and Exhibition set up lectures on special topics.

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