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Rides popular Yunying shop water park business fire
Date: 2017-10-13 22:22:43 Hits: 3795

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the big swimming places in our city are bustling again. 6, the reporter visited the city of Central District Culture Road, Zhenxing Road, Jiefang Road and other major swimming pools found that since the last month, more and more people choose swimming as the main way of fitness, summer heat. And every weekend, the swimming pool is becoming a playground for children, at the same time, a variety of aquatic toys, swimming equipment, inflatable swimming pool are ushered in the sales season.

"Swimsuit, goggles, swimming cap recent sales are good, the weekend, one day can sell more than 10 products. In the last two years, the emerging inflatable swimming pool, inflatable bed, water toys and so on are very popular with children and parents." Central city cultural way a swimming tool store boss Mr. Zhou told reporters, in adults and children swimming are complete, but according to the recent sales of a certain period of time, he found the child related swimming supplies market better. Reporters in the swimming shop found that children's swimsuit color is very diverse, split style, bikini and other fashionable style dazzling. "The children's swimwear brand, priced at 80 yuan to 300 yuan to buy a swimsuit, goggles, adults always care about, consider the price, but once the children fancy, parents often pay very readily." Zhou boss told reporters, according to previous years experience, in the end of the college entrance examination, his business will be better, a few days ago, he has added some aquatic entertainment toys and trendy swimming equipment to manufacturers.

"The summer children should play in the water, good for health, but also more contact with other children." Reporters in a swimming shop to revitalize the road of a swimming shop to see the children pick sunglasses, swimming suits, floating board of Ms. yang. A set of swimming tools are complete, Ms. Zhang paid 300 yuan to the store. "The grandfather of the child will go swimming every morning, the children will be in primary school after a period of time, take advantage of this gap, want him to learn to swim this skill."

Ms. Yang told reporters, there is a two treasure home, only 1 and a half years, she intends to buy a home inflatable swimming pool and some water toys. Ms. Yang said that her friends buy inflatable swimming pool, home for children to create a family version of the swimming pool is not a few. She came to her girlfriends' home at the end of last weekend with two treasures to see how this game was played. "My daughter and her girl friend spent the afternoon in the inflatable pool, and it was fun. When the weather is not hot, some swimming balls and toys are placed in the swimming pool. It is good to let the children swim when they are hot." Ms. Yang said, she also saw several sales inflatable swimming pool businesses, the price is generally in dozens of yuan to 300 yuan or so, she plans to start with a set of equipment in about 150 yuan.

"We have a new children's water project in our store this year. It's very popular. Kids come here every day." The manager of a maternal and child shop in Huashan Road, Central District, told reporters that the children's swimming program in the store was aimed at infants and children aged three or four or so, while the water amusement park could be played by children over 1 years old. According to Zhang manager, since the launch of the water park project, every day there are small customers to come to patronize, the weekend is very busy. There are also some swimming related products in the store. The cartoon series of water on children's toys such as fruit, water, ocean ball squeezed rings are color, lively and lovely dazzlingly beautiful patterns, sales have been good." Manager Zhang said.

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